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FLORIDA HOSPITAL APOPKA: Is it Cold, Flu or Pneumonia? Know When to Get Help

By Press release submission | Jan 12, 2020

Pneumonia isn’t just a disease that happens in advanced age or one affecting those with compromised immune systems — it can happen to anyone.

CENTURYLINK: Saving Lives With Next Generation 9-1-1 Systems

By Press release submission | Jan 11, 2020

In the world of emergency services—where quick action can be the difference between life and death – police, fire and other first responder organizations are trying to keep up with today’s technology by upgrading their 9-1-1 services to accommodate people for whom traditional voice calls are often the last option.

NORTH ORANGE BRANCH LIBRARY: Ghost Society to be held January 5.

By Press release submission | Jan 3, 2020

The Ghost Society is an open forum hosted by The Beyond Investigators paranormal team.

CENTURYLINK: 5 Tech Enhancements Your Company Should Invest In

By Press release submission | Dec 27, 2019

Technology is all around us. It has transformed and improved every industry in existence.

NORTH ORANGE BRANCH LIBRARY: Stories & Stretches to be held December 23.

By Press release submission | Dec 22, 2019

North Orange Branch Library issued the following announcement on.Calling all little yogis and wiggleworms!

FLORIDA HOSPITAL APOPKA: Healing Mommy Pooch (Diastasis Recti) the Right Way in Physical Therapy

By Press release submission | Dec 14, 2019

Motherhood is full of changes, many of which are physical. As the belly expands during pregnancy, the abdominal muscles shift and stretch apart to accommodate the growing baby. When these muscles don’t rejoin after childbirth, women have diastasis recti, nicknamed the mommy pooch or mommy tummy.

CENTURYLINK: Edge-To-Cloud Storage Strategies For IIoT Environments

By Press release submission | Dec 14, 2019

In many traditional asset-heavy industries, such as machinery manufacturing, processes have not been digitally modernized.

FLORIDA HOSPITAL APOPKA: Is Your Pain Related to Gallbladder Disease?

By Press release submission | Dec 1, 2019

Florida Hospital Apopka issued the following announcement on.Is Your Pain Related to Gallbladder Disease?

FLORIDA HOSPITAL APOPKA: The Pulmonary Function Test: What to Know

By Press release submission | Dec 1, 2019

If you’ve been referred to a pulmonologist, you might have some questions about how your first appointment might go. If you’re experiencing problems with your breathing or feeling shortness of breath, the pulmonologist is the specialist who will help you get the answers you need to start your path toward healing.

FLORIDA HOSPITAL APOPKA: Sondra Rae’s Story: A High-Risk Pregnancy and Unforgettable NICU Experience

By Press release submission | Nov 17, 2019

Sondra Rae, a popular morning radio DJ known as “Radio Rae” by her listeners on XL 106.7, knew something didn’t feel quite right at the 33-week mark of her pregnancy with twins.

CENTURYLINK: Take Your Small Business Digital Presence To A New Level

By Press release submission | Nov 16, 2019

It can be challenging to grow a small business, let alone stay on top of the latest web trends. But a functional, mobile-friendly website is critical. And if customers can’t find your website, your business will not survive in today’s world.

CENTURYLINK: 5 Primary Activities For CIOs Transforming To A Data-Driven Organization

By Press release submission | Nov 9, 2019

It’s become popular and almost cliché for CIOs, chief data officers, and IT leaders to proclaim the need to transform into a data-driven organization.

CENTURYLINK: Redefining The Purpose Of Brick And Mortar Retail

By Press release submission | Nov 7, 2019

The next time you find yourself in any major city take a moment and look around. Almost without exception the retail landscape you see around you was built in the pre-internet era.

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