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FLORIDA HOSPITAL APOPKA: Is it Cold, Flu or Pneumonia? Know When to Get Help

Press release submission | Jan 12, 2020

Pneumonia isn’t just a disease that happens in advanced age or one affecting those with compromised immune systems — it can happen to anyone.

FLORIDA HOSPITAL APOPKA: Healing Mommy Pooch (Diastasis Recti) the Right Way in Physical Therapy

Press release submission | Dec 14, 2019

Motherhood is full of changes, many of which are physical. As the belly expands during pregnancy, the abdominal muscles shift and stretch apart to accommodate the growing baby. When these muscles don’t rejoin after childbirth, women have diastasis recti, nicknamed the mommy pooch or mommy tummy.

FLORIDA HOSPITAL APOPKA: Is Your Pain Related to Gallbladder Disease?

Press release submission | Dec 1, 2019

Florida Hospital Apopka issued the following announcement on.Is Your Pain Related to Gallbladder Disease?

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